Common Problem

What is creasing matrix


Creasing matrix is a kind of auxiliary material commonly used in die cutting technology recent years. This material can be quickly pasted on the die cutting and creasing plate, which is very convenient and quick to use, and the quality of creasing is stable.

Creasing matrix is mainly composed by four parts: Creasing line, positioning strip, base film and protective adhesive plaster. Creasing line completes the creasing of the paperboard. Positioning strip is used to make sure the exact position of the creasing line. Base film is to paste the creasing line on the creasing base plate. Protective adhesive plaster is used to protect the base glue in the daily transportation or preservation.

Precautions for using creasing matrix:

①.Do not store in high temperature and high humidity environment, so as to avoid bad adhesion of base glue.

②.Do not expose the sticky paper before using creasing matrix.

③.It is necessary to clean the bottom plate before sticking the creasing matrix so as to avoid dust, paper wool and oil contamination which can cause a weak bond.